NitroLube - Cetane Boost 32oz-1000ml Fuel Lubricant & Conditioner - NIT50200

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The NEW DIESEL ONLY EcoClean Cetane Boost Formula”  improves the cetane rating up to 4 points, making the regular Diesel into premium fuel with cleaner combustion thereby reducing emission exhausts by over 50%+ in all Diesel engines.  It lubricates the fuel combustion chambers and injectors and is the highest rated fuel lubricant in the market with a 600psi rating, most others are under 100psi.  It contains anti-oxidants and a biocide to control bacteria and fungi growth in fuel storage tanks. Also a great fuel stabilizer in Diesel generators and storage tanks. Use as directed DIESEL ONLY…1 Litre treats up to 1000 Litre tanks or 60ml/2oz per 50Litres in personal vehicles.

Improves the injector system and fuel pump operation life span.  When used on a regular basis, reduces truck DEF exhaust emission pollutants dramatically and lowers your Carbon footprint. Does not contain plastic particles, PTFE resins (Teflon), graphite, molybdenum disulphide, or any other solids, which may cause harmful buildup.

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