NitroLube - NitroKool Cooling System Enhancer 250ml-8oz - NIT38200

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NitroKool Cooling System Enhancer

RAD-ReFresh Cooling System

  • Refresh and activate your Radiator
  • Reduces Over Heating
  • Protects your radiator
  • Reduces Temperature

It is a Treatment that……

  • Conditions
  • Cleans
  • Lubricates Water Pump
  • Inhibits Corrosion.

Radiator Benefits

  • Refresh & Activate Your Radiator
  • Reduces Over Heating
  • Protects Your Radiator
  • Reduces Water Temperature In Plastics Manufacturing Cooling Systems

NitroKool  “Rad-ReFresh” can be used in all types of Vehicles, Cars, Trucking, Mining, RV, Racing, Industrial & Commercial applications. Added to your radiator NitroKool will rejuvenate and refresh the anti-freeze and reduce over-heating your motor. It also Inhibits Corrosion, Lubricates your water pump and extends the life of the fluid.

Great for Racing Car & Truck applications. Will mix with anti-freeze or water.

For Environmental purposes… A cooling system fluorescent leak identifier has been added.

Use 250ml / 8oz for a standard vehicle radiator. Double application 500 ml for machinery and trucks over 20L/ 5 gallons and Racing applications Use every 20 to 30,000 km to Re-Fresh as needed and keep your cooling system active.


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