NitroLube - Octane Boost 350ml Bottle - NIT35200

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Fuel Additive and Lubricant

Uniquely Blended Fuel Enhancer for Gas

The NEW GAS ONLY Octane Boost Formula improves the octane rating by up to 5 points making your regular gas burn like a premium fuel.  The product lubricates the top-end of the motor with our “Nitro2000” Friction Modifier as well as enhancing the performance of your Gas while lubricating the entire fuel system and reducing carbon build-up.  It acts as a fuel stabilizer and improves overall fuel burn rating. It is the highest rated Gas lubricant conditioner which improves acceleration, fuel mileage, and overall performance.

Regular use ( 30ml/1oz per 10gallons/45Litres ) of NitroLube Gas Fuel Additive improves overall efficiency of the fuel system and is designed to dramatically reduce pollution emissions and in testing shows over 95% carbon emission reduction.

NitroLube received the Langley Environmental Award for its Emissions reducing contributions from Mr. Mark Warawa, Langley MP, Secretary to the Environment Minister.

NitroLube Fuel Additive and Lubricant with top-end engine lubrication is compatible with leaded and unleaded fuel. Will not affect catalytic converters. Cleans contaminates and lubricates the entire fuel system including pump, injectors, valve/cylinders… reduces carbon build-up and breaks down moisture in the fuel. Regular use of NitroLube Fuel Additive improves overall efficiency of the fuel system and is designed to dramatically reduce exhaust pollutants and lower your Carbon footprint.

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