OPENROAD Off-Road Recovery Kit

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OPENROAD Off-Road Recovery Kit is specifically designed to help you safely recover and tow a stuck 4x4, truck, or rig.

OPENROAD HEAVY-DUTY Recovery BAG - Carry Bag Strong Enough to Hold 30+ lbs for All Vehicle Accessories!

Go off-road like a pro with the OPENROAD Revolutionary Snatch Block - a truly versatile 4x4 recovery tool to reduce stress on winch motors and extend their life. Fits steel cable or synthetic rope up to 7/16" (11 mm) diameter. Suitable for D-ring (metal) release shackles and soft (synthetic) release shackles. Recommended for winches with a maximum capacity of 14,000 LBS.

Designed for the most demanding hauling and rescue tasks: With 42K lb MBS (maximum breaking strength), the OPENROAD recovery strap is perfect for hauling large trucks, towing heavy equipment or moving large debris; it's an indispensable tool for off-road vehicles, emergency responders, farmers or anyone who needs to haul heavy items. Rugged: Made of premium 100% polyester (PES) to withstand extreme loads and extreme temperatures (-40°F to 215°F); we use military-grade webbing that is mold, moisture and UV resistant to ensure a longer product life.

OPENROAD's new innovative design of 7/8" hitch pins and safety clips prevent loss and accidental dislodgement. Forged steel and galvanized for corrosion resistance to withstand any harsh environment.

OPENROAD High Performance Task Specific Work Gloves - Comfortable and well-fitting gloves designed to handle all daily tasks. Best uses include, off-road, recovery, shop, home, delivery, construction, rigging and yard work.

The Shackle hitch receiver with a 5/8" screw pin, 3/4 unloader spacer and washer to prevent loss and accidental loosening. The double hinge pin hole design allows the D-ring to be attached horizontally or vertically to the shackle, which can be attached to your strap for vehicle recovery.

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