Quake InterLock Controller Quake LED

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Harness greater control of your lights with Quake LED's new Command Series Controllers!

  • Have you ever thought about increasing your vehicle safety by adding more Brake Lights, Turn Signals, or Hazards to warn others of danger ahead?
  • How about wishing your vehiclehad powerful White Courtesy Lights while unlocking the door or locating your vehicle in a parking lot at night?
  • Tired of using multiple remote controls instead of one for all your accent lights?
  • What about quickly installing three Light Bars, six 3" Pods, two Fog Lights, a set of headlights, and eight Rock Lights? Not easy, right?

Easily connect eight lights to our simple, 60A/12VDC controller with one screwdriver and leave the dirty wiring fabrication to us! We have answered these questions and many more with Quake LED's new Command Series Controllers. Pick and choose from our family of LED Lights and look for Quake LED lights that are Plug and Play with our Quake Interlock and Quake Quad Lock Pro controllers.

Build that show-winning vehicle you have always dreamed of with a little help from the pros at Quake LED!

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