Waterproof Winch Cover (Neoprene)

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The OPENROAD Winch Cover is built to last! The winch cover is made of the great value Oxford material for extra durability.

Convenient, flexible and easy to use! Since OPENROAD cover is sewn with an elastic band, you can attach it tightly to the winch, ensuring that nothing penetrate and damage the winch!

No more dust and water on your winch! The OPENROAD cover can withstand all the harsh weather conditions; it protects your winch from water and dust - and it also has an ultra-cool look!


(LxWxH)23.5” x 9.5” x 7.5”. Check your winches dimensions for proper fit. It can be used for a variety of winches in the 8,500 to the 17,500-pound capacity range.


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